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Sales & Leases

Lease Considerations

Horses for Sale and Lease
At Fox Trot Farm, we cater to all levels of buyers, from those who just want a pleasure horse that can trail ride and do some lower level ring work, to those who aspire to compete at the top shows in the country.

The nice thing is that we've already done the shopping for you and are able to provide horses that are qualified and affordable so you get more horse for your money.           
  • Full and half lease options available
  • Leased horses must be in a professional training program
  • All homes must be approved for sale horses
  • Sale Prices range from $1,500-$75,000+

Leasing a horse from Fox Trot Farm is open to students/clients who are at a basic level of competence or under parental supervision. Leasing is an opportunity for a person to enjoy the benefits of owning a horse without the full financial burdens and is a great opportunity for riders in preparation in owning their own horse. Fox Trot Farm offers several horses for lease and lessons. All horses must remain at their designated boarding facility and may not be moved to outside boarding facilities. If a lease horse is to be used for showing, permission must be provided by the horse’s individual owner. Please note, because some of the lease/lesson horses are not the property of Fox Trot Farm, individual leasing agreements are up to the discretion of the horse’s individual owner.

Half (1/2) leasing entails 50 percent of the following:
     • Vet –ie:  regular vaccines and worming
     • Chiropractics (optional)
     • Massage therapy (optional)
     • Teeth floating
     • Health certificate & coggins expense for show traveling
     • Farrier cost 
     • Boarding - cost may vary
     • Lease fee (optional, cost may vary and is up to each individual owner's      discretion). This may be an
 additional cost which typically covers any unforeseen expenses associated with the care of the horse. 

Show fees, clinic and lesson costs would be in addition to the cost associated in leasing. Full leasing would entail the full monthly upkeep of the lease horse. All leasing is by the month with 30 days notice to terminate lease agreement.

     • Use of designated horse for a half lease would allow use of horse 3 to 4 days a week. Full lease would allow 5 to 7 days a week.   Exact scheduling to be determined by horse’s owner.
     • Use of riding arena’s outside of lesson setting
     • If lessee is a minor, parental supervision is mandatory. Parents accept full responsibility for safety of minor and of leased horse.
     • Use of grooming brushes, bridles and equipment: This may vary as some owners may require that you use your own riding equipment and brushes or may charge you a usage fee for wear on tear on the individual owner’s equipment. If owner's equipment is used, any equipment that is broken and or lost MUST be
 replaced. Equipment should be cleaned and oiled regularly for maintenance and safety reasons.

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